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2008-2010 Undergraduate Catalog 
2008-2010 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Officers of the College

Rev. Brian J. Shanley, O.P., Ph.D. President
Rev. Kenneth R. Sicard, O.P., Ph.D. Executive Vice President/Treasurer
Hugh F. Lena, Ph.D. Vice President for Academic Affairs
Edward J. Caron, B.A. Vice President for College Relations/Planning
Michael V. Frazier, M.B.A. Vice President for Finance and Business/CFO
Marifrances McGinn, J.D. Vice President/General Counsel/Risk Manager
David Wegrzyn, M.A. Vice President for Institutional Advancement
Rev. Joseph J. Guido, O.P. Vice President for Mission and Ministry
Rev. Brendan Murphy, O.P., M.S., M.Div. Vice President for Student Affairs Administration

Executive Offices

Office of the President

Rev. Brian J. Shanley, O.P., Ph.D. President

Office of the Executive Vice President/College Treasurer

Rev. Kenneth R. Sicard, O.P., Ph.D. Executive Vice President/Treasurer
Rev. Kevin D. Robb, O.P. Associate Treasurer/Associate Vice President for Mission & Ministry


Robert G. Driscoll, Jr., M.S. Associate Vice President for Athletics/Director of Athletics

Human Resources

Kathleen M. Alvino, M.B.A. Associate Vice President for Human Resources

Academic Affairs

Hugh F. Lena, Ph.D. Vice President for Academic Affairs
Brian J. Bartolini, Ed.D. Associate Vice President
Charles J. Haberle, M.S. Assistant Vice President

Academic Media Service

Bernard G. Colo, M.Ed., C.A.G.S., Director

Academic Services

Bryan D. Marinelli, M.A., Director


Christopher P. Lydon, M.A., Associate Vice President/Enrollment Planning and Admission
Raul A. Fonts, M.Ed., Senior Associate Dean
Nancy M. Egan, B.A., Associate Dean
Jennifer K. Hastings, B.A., Associate Dean
Sandra A. Miller, B.A., B.S., Associate Dean
Rev. Iriarte Andújar, O.P., S. T.B., M.Div., Assistant Dean
Ebony Grisom, B.A., Assistant Dean
Daniel Richer, M.A., Assistant Dean

Balfour Center for Multicultural Affairs

Edward Twyman, Ed.D., Dean
TBA, Assistant Dean/Director of Multicultural Scholarship Programs

Center for International Studies

Adrian G. Beaulieu, Ed.S., Dean

Center for Teaching Excellence

Laurie L. Grupp, Ph.D., Director

Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Rev. Mark D. Nowel, O.P., Ph.D., Dean
Wanda S. Ingram, Ed.D., Senior Associate Dean
Carol B. Crafts, Ph.D., Associate Dean; Director, Academic Advising
Denise A. Godin, M.S., Associate Dean
Jacqueline Kiernan MacKay, M.A., Associate Dean, Director of Parent Programs
Joseph A. Gemma, M.B.A., Assistant Dean

Enrollment Services

Yvonne D. Arruda, M.S., Dean
Anne E. Barone, B.A., Associate Dean
Lucille A. Tomaselli, M.Ed., Associate Dean

Financial Aid

Sandra Oliveira, B.A., Executive Director

Graduate Studies Program

Thomas F. Flaherty, Ph.D., Dean

Institutional Research

Thomas E. Frank, Director

Phillips Memorial Library

D. Russell Bailey, Ph.D., Director

Providence Alliance for Catholic Teachers

Brother Patrick Carey, C.F.C., Ph.D., Director

School of Business

Susan E. Lehrman, Ph.D., Dean

School of Continuing Education

TBA, Dean
Madeline A. Metzler, M.A., Associate Dean/Director of Summer School
Anne M. Nagle, M.A., Assistant Dean

College Relations and Planning

Edward J. Caron, B.A., Vice President for College Relations/Planning
Patricia Vieira, B.A., A.P.R., Associate Vice President
Ann Manchester-Molak, M.A., A.P.R., Assistant Vice President

College Events & Conferencing

Deirdre Driscoll, M.B.A., Executive Director

Publications Center

Charles C. Joyce, B.A., Director of Editorial Services
Paula L. Keogh, M.S., A.P.R., Director of Marketing Services
Jennifer W. Zevon, B.F.A., Art Director of Design Services

Finance and Business

Michael V. Frazier, M.B.A., Vice President for Finance and Business/CFO
Jacqueline White, M.B.A., Associate Vice President for Finance/Assistant Treasurer
Warren S. Gray, M.B.A., Assistant Vice President/Business Services


Kathleen Shine, B.A., Bursar

Capital Projects and Facilities Planning

Mark Rapoza, B.A., Assistant Vice President


Joseph C. Fiore, B.S.

Environmental Health & Safety

Gale A. Gennaro, B.A., Director

Information Technology

Rebecca L. Ramos, B.S., Assistant Vice President for Information Technology

Physical Plant

William Hartigan, B.A., Executive Director


Mark S. McGovern, B.S., Director

General Counsel

Marifrances McGinn, J.D., Vice President and General Counsel
Gail A. Dyer, J.D., Assistant Vice President/Associate General Counsel

Institutional Advancement

David Wegrzyn, M.A., Vice President
Edward Chiu, M.A., Associate Vice President
Joseph P. Brum, B.A., Special Assistant to the President for Development Projects

Advancement Services

Wendy Gasparri, M.B.A., Director

Alumni Relations

Robert Ferreira, B.A., Assistant Vice President

Annual Giving

Amy Bostock Laprey, B.A., Director

Athletic Development

Steven R. Napolillo, B.A., Director

Corporations & Foundations

Jacqueline Nowell, B.S., Director


Lisa Bousquet, B.A., B.S., Assistant Vice President

Major Gifts

Seth Klaiman, B.A., B.S., Director

Mission and Ministry

Rev. Joseph J. Guido, O.P., Vice President for Mission and Ministry
Rev. Kevin D. Robb, O.P., Associate Vice President

Center for Catholic and Dominican Studies

Rev. Thomas D. McGonigle, O.P., Director

Office of the Chaplain/Campus Ministry Center

Rev. Thomas J. Blau, O.P., Chaplain

National Alumni Association

Rev. John S. Peterson, O.P., Chaplain

Student Affairs Administration

Rev. Brendan Murphy, O.P., M.S., M.Div., Vice President for Student Affairs Administration
Christopher M. Fortunato, M.S.W., Associate Vice President

Career Planning and Internship Service

Kathleen A. Clarkin, M.S., Director

Career Services for Seniors

John J. McGrath, M.A., Director

Judicial Affairs

Kevin Butler, M.F.A., Dean of Judicial Affairs
Maureen F. Quinlan, M.Ed., Associate Dean

Off-Campus Living

Richard F. Kless, M.A., Director

Personal Counseling

John T. Hogan, Ph.D., Director

Recreational Sports

Edward Laprey, B.A., Director

Residence Life

Steven A. Sears, Ed.D., Dean of Residence Life
Emily A. Ghiorse, M.B.A., Associate Dean

Safety & Security

Major John J. Leyden, Jr., M.S., Executive Director
Koren Kanadanian, B.S., Director of Emergency Management

Student Activities-Involvement-Leadership

Sharon L. Hay, M.Ed., Director

Student Health Center

Catherine Kelleher, R.N., Director

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