May 27, 2019  
2018-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2020 Undergraduate Catalog

Course Descriptions

Core Curriculum Requirements
The Core Foundation/Proficiency attribute search terms are:

  • Civic Engagement, Diversity, Ethics, Fine Arts, Natural Science, Oral Communication, Philosophy, Physics-Based Natural Science, Quantitative Reasoning, Social Science, Theology, Writing I, Writing II

To search in the Catalog for courses that meet specific Core Foundation/Proficiency attributes, there are three options:

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In addition, users may visit the Core Curriculum site for a listing of courses that have been approved for specific Core Curriculum requirements and/or search the Semester Course Offerings in CyberFriar.

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Health Policy and Management

   •  HPM 101 - The American Health Care System
   •  HPM 202 - Principles of Health Care Management
   •  HPM 240 - The Epidemiology of Health and Disease
   •  HPM 250 - Computer Information Systems in Health Policy and Management
   •  HPM 300 - Financial Management of Health Care Institutions
   •  HPM 303 - Management of Human Resources in the Health Care Setting
   •  HPM 310 - Health Law
   •  HPM 315 - Issues in Global Health
   •  HPM 319 - Sociology of Health and Illness
   •  HPM 320 - Perspectives on Not-for-Profit Organizations
   •  HPM 322 - Public Health Administration and Practice
   •  HPM 323 - Administration of the Extended Care Facility
   •  HPM 331 - Aging and Health
   •  HPM 370 - Special Topics in Health Policy and Management
   •  HPM 395 - Research
   •  HPM 396 - Research
   •  HPM 408 - Policy Analysis in the Health Sector
   •  HPM 420 - Strategic Management in Health Care
   •  HPM 430 - Intensive Writing Seminar
   •  HPM 445 - Diet, Nutrition, and Obesity in the United States
   •  HPM 450 - Field Experience
   •  HPM 480 - Senior Seminar in Health Policy and Management
   •  HPM 490-491 - Independent Study in Health Policy and Management