Sep 17, 2019  
2016-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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MSC 250 - 278 - Applied Music II (for freshman/sophomore music majors and music minors)

1 semester, 1 1/2 Credits

For freshman/sophomore music majors and music minors. This is the introductory level of private instruction offering a more concentrated, thorough, and technical approach to the student’s chosen instrument. There is an additional fee for these lessons. Prerequisite: Permission of department. Students must also register in the music department for each of the following lessons: MSC 250 Piano II, MSC 251 Jazz Piano II, MSC 252 Organ II, MSC 253 Harpsichord II, MSC 254 Voice II, MSC 255 Violin II, MSC 256 Viola II, MSC 257 Cello II, MSC 258 String Bass II, MSC 259 Flute II, MSC 260 Oboe II, MSC 261 Clarinet II, MSC 262 Bassoon II, MSC 263 Saxophone II, MSC 264 Trumpet II, MSC 265 Trombone II, MSC 266 French Horn II, MSC 267 Baritone II, MSC 268 Tuba II, MSC 269 Percussion II, MSC 270 Classical Guitar II, MSC 271 Jazz Guitar II, MSC 272 Electric Guitar II, MSC 273 Electric Bass II, MSC 275 Composition II, MSC 276 Harp II, MSC 277 Vocal Jazz II, MSC 278 Applied Lessons in Conducting II.

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