Jan 24, 2020  
2016-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

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MSC 350 - 378 - Applied Music III (for junior/senior music majors)

1 semester, 1 1/2 Credits

For junior/senior music majors. A music major is expected to advance to this level of private instruction as a junior and senior. This upper-division applied study will assist in the preparation for the senior recital/project. There is an additional fee for these lessons. Prerequisites: Applied Music II and permission of department. Students must also register in the music department for each of the following lessons: MSC 350 Piano III, MSC 351 Jazz Piano III, MSC 352 Organ III, MSC 353 Harpsichord III, MSC 354 Voice III, MSC 355 Violin III, MSC 356 Viola III, MSC 357 Cello III, MSC 358 String Bass III, MSC 359 Flute III, MSC 360 Oboe III, MSC 361 Clarinet III, MSC 362 Bassoon III, MSC 363 Saxophone III, MSC 364 Trumpet III, MSC 365 Trombone III, MSC 366 French Horn III, MSC 367 Baritone III, MSC 368 Tuba III, MSC 369 Percussion III, MSC 370 Classical Guitar III, MSC 371 Jazz Guitar III, MSC 372 Electric Guitar III, MSC 373 Electric Bass III, MSC 375 Composition III, MSC 376 Harp III, MSC 377 Vocal Jazz II, MSC 378 Applied Lessons in Conducting III.

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