Apr 13, 2021  
2016-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Secondary Education

Contact Information

Phone: 401.865.2121
Fax: 401.865.1021
Location: Harkins Hall 328

The Faculty


Nuria Alonso García, Ph.D. (Global Studies/Secondary Education)

Associate Professors

Comfort M. Ateh, Ph. D.
Brian M. McCadden, Ph.D.
Carmen A. Rolon, Ed.D.

Assistant Professors

Kevin J. O’Connor, Ph. D., Program Director

Secondary Education

Preparation for a teaching career requires: (1) a background of general education, (2) specialization in the subject area, and (3) study in the field of education. The subject areas in which students may be certified include:

Students preparing for the teaching profession must complete a subject area major in addition to the teacher preparation program. Please refer to the appropriate department or program sections of this catalog for the suggested sequence of courses for the subject areas listed above.

Although students may be accepted to the College as Secondary Education majors, this is a provisional acceptance to the program. Formal Admission will take place during the sophomore year.  Minimally, this process requires students to have and maintain an overall grade point average of at least 2.50; earn a “C” or better in all education classes; meet Rhode Island Department of Education required scores on the SAT, ACT, or Praxis Core exam; and, demonstrate appropriate professionalism.

Students are required to follow a prescribed program that includes integrated course work and multiple field experiences in local middle and secondary schools (and elementary schools for the Foreign Language areas), many of which are in diverse settings.  Secondary Education majors generally complete their first field experience during the fall of their sophomore year. They then continue with field experiences through to the culminating student teaching semester in spring of senior year.

Please see the Education Programs  section of this catalog for important Secondary Education admission information.

A course program must be planned with the director of secondary education, preferably prior to registration for the spring semester of sophomore year. Minimum undergraduate preparation in the field of education consists of 32 semester hours as follows:

EDU 201 - Educational Psychology  3 Credits
EDU 206 - Principles of Secondary Education  3 Credits
EDU 206L - Principles of Secondary Education Field Experience  1 Credit
EDU 301 - Foundations of Education  3 Credits
EDU 303 - The Child with Special Needs in the Regular Classroom  3 Credits
EDU 303L - The Child with Special Needs in the Regular Classroom Field Experience  1 Credit
EDU 401 - Educational Measurement  3 Credits
EDU 401L - Educational Measurement Field Experience  1 Credit

EDU 411 - Teaching English in Secondary Schools  3 Credits
EDU 412 - Teaching Science in Secondary Schools  3 Credits
EDU 414 - Teaching History & Social Studies in Secondary Schools  3 Credits

EDU 415 - Teaching Modern Languages in Secondary Schools  3 Credits
EDU 416 - Teaching Mathematics in Secondary Schools  3 Credits 

EDU 411L - Teaching English in Secondary Schools Field Experience  1 Credit
EDU 412L - Teaching Science in Secondary Schools Field Experience  1 Credit
EDU 414L - Teaching History & Social Studies in Secondary Schools Field Experience  1 Credit

EDU 415L - Teaching Modern Languages in Secondary Schools Field Experience  1 Credit
EDU 416L - Teaching Mathematics in Secondary Schools Field Experience  1 Credit 

   1 Credit

EDU 450 - Student Teaching in the Secondary School  9 Credits

  • Core Curriculum proficiences met by completing the Secondary Education Program are social science (EDU 201), civic engagement (EDU 301), and oral communication (EDU 450).
  • A variety of study abroad opportunities are available for students in the program.

The Secondary Education Programs (biology, chemistry, English, foreign language studies, history, mathematics, and physics) fulfill the Core Focus requirement by virtue of completing all requirements for the degree.