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2016-2018 Undergraduate Catalog 
2016-2018 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Bachelor of Science

Accountancy is the study of the means used to communicate financial and economic information to decision-makers. The curriculum concentrates on developing a strong understanding of the rationale behind and implications of the accounting treatment afforded various economic transactions. Additionally, the student is introduced to the various tools used by the accounting professional.

The program’s objective is to enable the student to adapt the knowledge and skills developed through the study of accounting to new situations encountered in a dynamic business environment. The curriculum includes a variety of learning experiences including case analyses, computer labs and assignments, team projects, oral presentations, internships, and research projects.

The accountancy program prepares graduates to pursue careers as certified public accountants, private accountants, financial managers, financial analysts, internal auditors, certified management accountants, and government auditors. Graduates are also prepared for advanced study in the fields of law or business. Students who minor in accountancy augment other majors with knowledge and skills that are transferable to a wide variety of careers.

C.P.A. Exam Requirement

Requirements to sit for the Uniform Certified Public Accountant (C.P.A.) exam vary by state. Certain states require specific electives and/or additional courses beyond the major requirements stated below. Other states require C.P.A. candidates to have completed 150 hours of education prior to sitting for the C.P.A. exam. Providence College offers a Master of Business Administration Program that provides an opportunity for the student to fulfill the 150 hours education requirement. Students are advised to contact the appropriate state Board of Accountancy for specific requirements and consult with their advisor to develop a plan to meet those requirements. Students may also refer to the accountancy department Web site at

Please Note:

Academic programs vary in their requirements. Students should consult with their faculty advisor and the Academic Guidebook to review the Academic Planning Form pertinent to their program of study. In addition, students should review course descriptions regarding any prerequisites for required courses. Graduation requirements include a minimum of 120 credit hours, although some academic programs may require additional credits. Please refer to the Academic Resources  section of the catalog for more information. Information regarding the Core Curriculum is available within each course and online.

Effective with the Class of 2021:

Math requirements must be met by all business majors:

  • Students will be required to complete the ALEKS mathematics assessment* at an 80 percent proficiency by the first day of classes: and
  • Successful completion of the MTH 107 course; OR MTH 108, MTH 109, MTH 131, or MTH 132

*All PCSB students are required to demonstrate proficiency in finite mathematics. As a result, all new and incoming business students must successfully complete MTH 107 (or higher) and ALEKS.  ALEKS is an on-line math learning and assessment tool which is used to measure math proficiency and help bring students up to the expected levels on finite math topics.

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