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2010-2012 Undergraduate Catalog 
2010-2012 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Center for International Studies

Contact Information

Phone: 401.865.2114
Location: Harkins Hall 336

Adrian G. Beaulieu, Ed.S., Dean

The Center

The Center for International Studies supports the mission of Providence College to help prepare “students to be responsible and productive citizens in their own society and the greater world community.” To that end, the Center seeks to provide a welcoming learning and living environment whereby members of the PC community are exposed to a diversity of cultures, social and political viewpoints, and come to truly see and understand themselves as world citizens.

International Students and Scholars

The Center assists international students and visiting scholars with U.S. immigration, visa, and travel regulations. It provides an annual “Welcome Program” prior to the start of the academic year to help new incoming undergraduate international students with cultural and social integration to living and studying in the United States and to the academic expectations of Providence College. During the academic year, the Center serves as a liaison for the international students with other campus offices, faculty, and administrative staff, and sponsors various social events or activities.

Education Abroad

The Center administers a comprehensive study abroad program, which includes worldwide options for PC undergraduates. Students, faculty, and College staff are invited to visit the Center or its Web site for information concerning study abroad program options. The development of study abroad options for students is carefully designed to augment and enrich the liberal arts perspective of Providence College. Programs are assessed in terms of the quality of the educational experience, relevance to the students’ academic interests, and potential for cultural and social enrichment. Faculty advisors and departmental chairpersons participate in the planning process and assist in advising students as to appropriate program choices.

Planning for Education Abroad

Student planning for study abroad should begin as early as the freshman year. Careful planning of the student’s curriculum over the four academic years will ensure that course work can be completed in the proper sequence and that course work and credits completed abroad will count toward the undergraduate degree. The Center provides assistance to students throughout the process, from informational sessions for interested students to the processing and posting of academic credit upon completion of a semester, academic year, or summer abroad. For summer study abroad, the College also offers several programs. Students should contact the Center for information on available program options.

Application for Education Abroad

Applications for approval for education abroad on a semester or academic year program must be made to the Center for International Studies by December 1 of the academic year prior to the intended semester or year of study. Applications for summer study abroad are due on April 1. Interested students should consult with the Center staff located in Harkins 336 for additional information regarding programs, applications, and deadlines. In all instances, final approval for study abroad must be granted by the dean of international studies.

Home School Tuition and Portability of Student Financial Assistance

As part of Providence College’s commitment to academic excellence and opportunity, study abroad is an integral component of the undergraduate educational experience. In order to make study abroad accessible and affordable for all students, regardless of financial means, the College follows a Home School Tuition policy. Students pay PC tuition and a study abroad fee for the semester or academic year when studying abroad. They receive their merit and need-based financial aid.

Academic Credit and Grades on Semester or Academic Year Study Abroad 

Academic credits and grades earned on semester or academic year study abroad are recorded as PC course credits and grades. The courses, credit, and grades are posted on the student’s academic transcript and course grades are calculated into the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA).