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2010-2012 Undergraduate Catalog 
2010-2012 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


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Bachelor of Arts 

This major serves as the core program of the Department of Economics. Its purpose is to prepare the student for entry into a profession as well as for graduate work in economics, business, or related disciplines.

In addition to the five core courses in the major (listed above), students choose from a wide array of upper-division (300-400 level) economics electives to fulfill their remaining economics course requirements for the major. These electives enable the economics major to gain depth and breadth in particular areas of economics and are closely related to career paths students may be interested in pursuing. Of the seven upper-division electives, at least one course must be a 400-level economics course. Economics majors must also complete a one-semester introductory mathematics course (MTH 108, 109, or 131) and an Introduction to Statistics course (MTH 217 or MTH 423).

To encourage our majors to obtain a broad and comprehensive understanding of the issues related to their field of study, economics majors have the option of fulfilling one of their economics electives by taking a related course from another department or program. All course substitutions must be made in consultation with the student’s faculty advisor and require the prior approval of the economics department chair.

Suggested Sequence

Sophomore Sem. 2

Junior Sem. 1

Economics Electives (2) 6 Credits
Theology Elective (Group 1) 3 Credits
Free Electives (2) 6 Credits

Junior Sem. 2

Economics Electives (2) 6 Credits
Non-Departmental Elective 3 Credits
Free Elective 3 Credits
Philosophy Elective 3 Credits

Senior Sem. 1

Senior Sem. 2

Economics Elective 3 Credits 
Free Electives (3) 9 Credits
Philosophy Elective (Ethics) 3 Credits


Required: ECN 101, 102, 201, 202, 214, and 21 credit hours of upper-division electives; three credits of these must be at the 400 level. One related course from another department may fulfill one upper-division economics elective with permission of the economics department chair. Also required: MTH 108 or 109 or 131; MTH 217 or 423; and THL 376.

The above-suggested sequence of courses reflects a typical program of study. The sequence may be modified to accommodate student needs and course scheduling arrangements.

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