Nov 16, 2019  
2010-2012 Undergraduate Catalog 
2010-2012 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Creative Writing

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Bachelor of Arts 

The Creative Writing major provides students interested in developing their skills as creative writers with introductory and advanced courses in poetry and fiction writing within the context of the English major. In addition to maintaining the literary rigors of the English major at Providence College, this major in Creative Writing provides a pedagogical focus on creative writing, as well as capstone courses that focus on the craft and discipline of poetry and fiction writing. Students participating in this major will complement their critical and reading skills with creative expression in Creative Writing courses taught by established poets and fiction writers.

Please note that the following sequence provides a suggested course of study, rather than a mandatory order for completing major courses.

Suggested Sequence

Freshman Sem. 1

Freshman Sem. 2

Sophomore Sem. 1

Sophomore Sem. 2

Junior Sem. 1

Literature Pre-1800 3 Credits
Literature Post-1800 3 Credits
Theology Elective (Group I) 3 Credits
Fine Arts Elective 3 Credits
Non-Departmental Elective 3 Credits

Junior Sem. 2

  • Literature Pre-1800 3 Credits

  • ENG 442 - Seminar: The Prose Poem 3 Credits
  • Theology Elective (Group II) 3 Credits

  • Math Elective 3 Credits

  • Non-Departmental Elective 3 Credits

Senior Sem. 1

Senior Sem. 2

Literature Post-1800 3 Credits
Philosophy Elective 3 Credits
Free Electives (3) 9 Credits

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