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2015-2017 Graduate Catalog 
2015-2017 Graduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]


Admission Requirements and Procedures

The admission requirements and procedures are designed to help the College identify those students who can benefit the most from the graduate programs. The College welcomes applicants who evidence thorough scholastic preparation, good character, intellectual interest, and motivational purpose.

Complete information regarding the application process, and copies of all required forms, is available online.

Students wishing to enter a graduate program must submit the following:

Application for Admission

The application form is available from the offices of the various graduate programs or online.

Application Fee

A fee of $55 must be returned with the application form. Mail the form and the check or money order to the director of the appropriate graduate program. For a list of directors and their College addresses, see the Correspondence Directory  in this catalog.

Personal Statement

This statement provides applicants with an opportunity to discuss the talents, experiences, and goals that qualify them for acceptance for graduate study at Providence College. The statement should include evidence of an applicant’s qualifications and aptitudes as well as their ability to communicate clearly and professionally. The statement should cover reasons for pursuing graduate study at Providence College, personal and academic background, work experience, and future plans.

Letters of Recommendation

Applicants should have two letters of recommendation submitted by individuals well acquainted with the ability of the applicant. The form (Official Recommendation) should be filled out by the applicant and by each recommender and submitted with each letter of recommendation.


Applicants must submit official transcripts from all colleges or universities from which they received undergraduate or graduate degrees.

Test Results

Applicants for selected Education programs must submit the results of the Miller Analogy Test (MAT) and Business program applicants must submit Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) scores. Applicants for the M.A. in Biblical Studies or Theology must submit Graduate Record Exam (GRE) scores.

Immunization Record

Once admitted, no one will be allowed to enroll as a full-time (9 credits) graduate student without submission and completion of an Immunization Form, available from the program director.

Letter of Intent

Once admitted, students must complete and return the Letter of Intent to complete the admission process.

Communication and Notification

Electronic mail (e-mail) is the official and universal method of communication and notification from College officials to the entire student body and individual students. Therefore, students are expected to check their College e-mail accounts on a regular basis. In addition, in an emergency or in the event of an urgent matter, the College may need to contact students via telephone; therefore, students must provide a current telephone number to the College.

Health Insurance Coverage

Full-time students who wish to obtain health insurance coverage through Providence College may contact the Office of the Bursar at 401.865.2284. Graduate students are not eligible to receive health care services through the College’s undergraduate Student Health Center.

International Students

Providence College welcomes applications from international candidates to its graduate programs.

It is the responsibility of the international student to see that all official transcripts are forwarded to the appropriate program director. Transcripts from non-English-speaking countries must be accompanied by a certified English translation.

International candidates must satisfy identical entrance requirements and adhere to the same application procedures as outlined for non-international applicants. While individual circumstances may vary, international students whose native language is not English are normally expected to present results from the Test of English as a Foreign Language (TOEFL), and the International English Language Test System (IELTS).

Minimum required scores for TOEFL are 577 (paper-based test) or 90 (internet-based exam), with a minimum of 20 in each sub-score.  The MBA program requires a score of 100 (internet-based exam).  Please see the TOEFL Web site at http://www.toefl.org for testing information. Providence College’s CEEB/TOEFL code is 3693.

The IELTS may be taken as an alternative to the TOEFL. The minimum required score is 7.0 (7.5 for the MBA Program). Please see the IELTS Web site at http://www.ielts.org for testing information. IELTS is jointly owned by the British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia, and the University of Cambridge ESOL Examinations.

Test scores must be no more than two years old.

After an offer of academic admission is made, students must submit proof of finances (Certification of Finances) to cover all expenses for a full year of study. A Providence College I-20 will only be issued to those students who provide certified proof of financial support (including travel to and from the U.S.) adequate to meet annual expenses. All tuition and fees for the first semester of study must be paid in full prior to the first day of classes.

For information regarding submitting certification of finances, student visa information, and related queries, please contact the Center for International Studies.

Non-Degree Students

Students who wish to sample a graduate course at Providence College or students who need to take a certain graduate course at PC and transfer the credit to another institution may be allowed to register for a graduate course if they meet the prerequisites for the course. Such students must hold a bachelor’s degree from a recognized college or university and permission must be obtained from the director of the program within which the course falls.

Students may enroll in only six graduate credits before they are formally admitted to a graduate program. Students may continue to enroll beyond the six credits in a non-degree status only with permission of the program director. Students who exceed the six credits who later choose to apply to a graduate program must follow and meet all of the admission requirements.

Veterans’ Deployment and Readmission Policy

Under the Higher Education Opportunity Act of 2008, a student who is called to active duty in the United States Armed Forces or the National Guard or Reserve for a period of more than 30 days is entitled to re-enroll in the same program, with the same enrollment status, number of credits, and academic standing as when he or she was last in attendance at Providence College.

Readmission is allowed provided the student meets the following requirements:

  • the cumulative length of the student’s absences from the college because of service on active duty does not exceed five years (which period may be extended in certain cases, as provided by statute);

  • the student notifies the college upon completion of service that he or she intends to re-enroll at the college; and

  • the student has not been discharged from the Armed Forces with a dishonorable or bad-conduct discharge.