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2012-2014 Undergraduate Catalog 
2012-2014 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Biology/Secondary Education

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Bachelor of Science 

Required Courses

Academic programs vary in their requirements. Students should consult with their faculty advisor and the Academic Guidebook to review the Academic Planning Form pertinent to their program of study. In addition, students should review course descriptions regarding any prerequisites for required courses. Graduation requirements include a minimum of 120 credit hours, although some academic programs may require additional credits. Please refer to the Academic Resources section of the catalog for more information. Information regarding the new Core Curriculum, which takes effect with the Class of 2016, is available at

This program of study provides certification in Biology and General Science.

1 year General Biology BIO 103-104
1 year General Chemistry CHM 101-102
1 year Organic Chemistry CHM 201-202
1 year General Physics EPS 101-102
1 year Calculus MTH 109-110
1 semester Cell Bio & Mol Genetics BIO 200
5 semesters of biology electives, three of which must be lab courses (Required for the B.S. degree and certification in most other states as approved by the Interstate Certification Compact. Ecology and Physiology are strongly recommended as one of these electives.)

EDU 201 - Educational Psychology 
EDU 206 - Principles of Secondary Education 
EDU 206L - Principles of Secondary Education Field Experience 
EDU 301 - Foundations of Education 
EDU 303 - The Child with Special Needs in the Regular Classroom 
EDU 303L - The Child with Special Needs in the Regular Classroom Field Experience 
EDU 401 - Educational Measurement 
EDU 401L - Educational Measurement Field Experience 
EDU 412 - Teaching Science in Secondary Schools 
EDU 412L - Teaching Science in Secondary Schools Field Experience 
EDU 449 - Classroom Management for High/Middle School Teachers 
EDU 450 - Student Teaching in the Secondary School 


Other assessment requirements include, but are not limited to, Basic Skills Tests, minimum of 2.5 cumulative GPA, minimum 2.0 average in Biology major courses, C or higher in all Education courses. Please visit the Secondary Education  section for additional information.

Biology electives may be from any of the following:

All biology majors must successfully complete at least three courses that include a lab component. Students pursuing the B.S. degree must complete an additional two courses from this list.

* Only one of these courses will count as a biology elective, but additional courses under these numbers will count as free electives.  Either Research (BIO 395, 396, 495 or 496) OR Internship (BIO 450) will count as a biology elective, not both.

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