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2018-2020 Undergraduate Catalog 
2018-2020 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Military Science

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The Program

In a cooperative association between Providence College and the U.S. Army Cadet Command, Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC),
military science is offered as part of the elective curriculum of the College. The curriculum is divided into two parts: the Basic Leadership
Program (freshmen and sophomores) and the Advanced Leadership Program (juniors and seniors). Students may enroll in the Basic
Leadership Program (100 or 200-course offerings) without any obligation to serve in the military. Those students who do commit and
contract into the Advanced Leadership Program (300 and 400-course offerings) are on track to pursue a commission as an Army Second
Lieutenant serving full-time in the Active Army or part-time in the Army Reserves or Army National Guard.

The goal of the Department of Military Science is to develop students into physically fit, professionally competent, self-directed leaders of
character. This lofty goal is attained through individual dedication, instruction, and hands-on experience in leadership, management, and
organizational dynamics in the small group environment. Today’s leader is faced with a myriad of challenges and ever-changing situations. To
prepare for these challenges, students receive classroom instruction concentrating on the various leadership and management techniques and
ethical decision making. Most instruction concentrates on experiential learning. Students are placed in leadership positions and are expected
to lead and motivate, solve problems, plan and execute tasks, prioritize resource allocation, conduct physical fitness training, and evaluate
performance. This hands-on experience coupled with routine and candid personalized feedback is the foundation for successful leadership
development in the business, academic, and military communities. This empirical educational experience culminates with a 30-day summer
leadership practicum at Fort Knox, Kentucky (all expenses paid). Undertaken between the student’s junior and senior years, this course
evaluates the student’s leadership development to date and sets the blueprint for continued development during the senior year, culminating
in earning a commission as a U.S. Army Second Lieutenant. Students can expect to be challenged as they develop into effective and authentic

The military science curriculum is designed to augment the academic program of a student’s election and consists of one 3.0 credit free elective
military science course each semester and one military history elective over the course of a student’s undergraduate study. The
purpose is to ensure a well-rounded student who is fully prepared to meet the rigors and challenges of a professional leader. Additionally, two
semesters of a foreign language are strongly encouraged. These courses are available through the College’s course offerings.
In connection with Military Science, there are a variety of programs that provide financial and increased leadership incentives to qualified and
interested students:

1. There are a limited number of academic scholarships available to qualified freshmen and sophomores. These scholarships provide full
tuition, $1,200 per year for books and supplies, and a $420 per school month stipend. To compete for these scholarships, students must enroll
and participate in ROTC and elect to participate in the Contracting & Scholarship Board held each semester.

2. All students who selected to contract into the Advanced Leadership Program (juniors and seniors) receive a $420 per school month stipend.

3. Simultaneous Membership Program (SMP): This is a dual leadership program that provides students with the benefit of increased
leadership and management experience through a partnership with the Army Reserves or the Army National Guard.

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