Jun 20, 2024  
2022-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2024 Undergraduate Catalog

Women’s and Gender Studies

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Required Courses

To earn a minor in Women’s and Gender studies, a student is required to complete six courses in Women’s and Gender studies which must include:

  • WGS 101 - Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies  
  • Five electives, with three out of the five elective courses being at the 300 level or above, and one of the three 300 level courses being at level 350 or higher.
  • At least one elective must be from the Humanities (HUM) designated WGS courses and one must be from the Social or Natural Science (SSC/NSC) designated electives, with the remaining three electives drawing from either HUM, or SSC/NSC, or a combination, reflective of student preferences and interests.

WGS Humanities courses: WGS 224, WGS 225, WGS 226, WGS 227, WGS 320, WGS 325, WGS 326, WGS 336, WGS 368, WGS 352, WGS 353, WGS 354, WGS 365, WGS 376, WGS 425WGS 326, WGS 270, WGS 370, WGS 394, and WGS 470 (270, 370, and 470 are special topics), WGS 481, WGS 490 (independent study).

WGS Social Science/Natural Science courses: WGS 227WGS 301, WGW 305, WGS 311, WGS 318, WGS 321, WGS 345, WGS 346, WGS 413, WGS 424, WGS 425WGS 380WGS 451, WGS 270, WGS 370, WGS 425, WGS 430, WGS 446, WGS 447, WGS 451, and WGS 470 (270, 370, and 470 special topics), WGS 489, and WGS 490 (independent study).

Please refer to our updated WGS website, https://womens-studies.providence.edu/, and click on the “courses” tab, for the most up to date list of all WGS courses.

Because Women’s and Gender Studies electives are interdisciplinary, they are often cross-listed with other departments/programs. The Chairperson of the Women’s and Gender Studies Department will be responsible for verifying student compliance with the requirements of the minor.

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