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2022-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2024 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

PC in LA Semester Internship Program

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The PC in LA Internship Semester Program is an academic program located in the heart of historic Hollywood. The internship semester program will offer an array of academic courses relating to the film, television, and social media production fields. Students will also choose from a number of approved internship sites located throughout the region. Students will take 3, 4-credit, academic courses scheduled for Monday and Tuesday class times to accommodate internship schedules from Wednesday to Friday. A 2-credit internship course will be offered in LA. An additional 1-credit internship course will be offered through Providence College in order to accommodate the 15-credit full semester course load for students. The program is available for the Fall, Spring, and Summer, sessions. Emphasis in the Fall is focused on the business of the entertainment industry. The spring semester is devoted to the creative aspects of the entertainment industry. The ten-week summer session is geared to theatre and dance practitioners. Many LA semester courses will be accepted as electives in the Film Minor program.

The LA Internship semester program introduces students to the complex world of the entertainment industry. It will provide an opportunity for students to gain first-hand knowledge of how this important industry works in the U.S. Students will have a variety of placements to choose from as they pursue their goals. They will have multiple opportunities to meet leaders in the field and other students who are exploring the numerous possibilities in this vital global industry.

Similar to common studies abroad programs, the Providence College LA Internship Semester is an immersion program that will allow students to gain hands-on experience in the entertainment industry. Providence College will partner with Elon University, an institution of high quality that currently runs an internship program on its satellite campus in LA. In addition to the internship, a variety of courses can be selected in order to fulfill academic requirements for a regular fifteen-credit-hour semester. Housing is provided by the program.

Elon University will serve as the school of record for this program and will send PC student transcripts with grades/credits upon completion of the semester. Essentially, this mirrors the process with grades/credits earned while a student participates in one of PC’s approved Global Education programs.

Film Minors and Theatre, Dance & Film department students will have priority in selecting candidates for the program. However, the program is open to all Providence College students. Applications will be available through the Theatre, Dance & Film Department. Only juniors and seniors are eligible.

Most all Elon U courses offered in the LA semester program will be articulated as Providence College courses and appear as such on, student transcripts. Most all of these courses can qualify as electives in student transcripts. However, students should check to make sure courses are approved from their respective departments.

The standard pathway into the American entertainment field begins with an internship experience preferably located in the LA area. This LA internship opportunity is necessary for advancement in television, film, and other social-media platforms, providing Providence College students the necessary tools for advancement the entertainment industry.

General Mission of the Department of Theatre, Dance and Film:

The Department of Theatre, Dance and Film seeks to nurture creativity in its students through the study and experiential application across three performing arts disciplines. It is our belief that the vitality of the creative act offers all students the opportunity to use imagination and artistic expression to expand abilities in analytical assessment and original thinking, for the purpose of examining the complexities of the human condition both intellectually and emotionally. The department is uniquely positioned to develop students’ creative potential within the context of interdisciplinary experiences in three highly collaborative fields of artistic exploration. While the department’s primary goal is to serve students who aspire to career opportunities in the performing arts, the prominent focus on creative thinking and collaborative project development fundamental to the study of art identifies these theatre, dance, and film experiences as effective preparation for a wide variety of future professional opportunities. The collaboration of students, faculty, and visiting artists on an annual program of creative performance projects is an integral part of the academic identity of the department. It is also intended to enrich the college community by providing opportunities for discourse on substantive issues affecting our society.

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