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2022-2024 Undergraduate Catalog 
2022-2024 Undergraduate Catalog [ARCHIVED CATALOG]

Neuroscience Certificate Program

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Contact Information

Neuroscience Program

Program Director: Dr. Victoria Templer
Phone: 401-865-1214
Email: vtempler@providence.edu
Location: Science Complex 0124

Biology Department

Phone: 401.865.2585
Fax: 401.865.1438
Location: Science Complex 106

Psychology Department

Phone: 401.865.2435
Fax: 401.865.1227
Location: Science Complex 107

The Certificate

The neuroscience certificate is available for students in the classes of 2023, 2024, 2025, 2026, and 2027 (future classes will not have the option of the certificate but will have the option to major in Neuroscience). The Neuroscience  Major is available to the class of 2025 and future classes.

The goal of the certificate in neuroscience program is to offer biology and psychology majors the opportunity to participate in an integrated course of study, from the molecular level to gross brain anatomy, focusing on nervous system structures/functions and behavior. An important aspect of the program is engaging students in active, experiential learning in both biology and psychology laboratory settings to explore the frontiers of this modern field and prepare students for careers in neuroscience, biopsychology, and medicine.

The program is available to biology and psychology majors only. Students interested in applying to the program must take BIO 103 - General Biology: Cells and Organisms  and BIO 104 - General Biology: Ecology and Evolution  during their freshman year. The number of students who will be admitted will be limited to 8 per year (4 from psychology and 4 from biology) and will be chosen by committee, comprised of faculty members from the biology and psychology departments. Students will apply to the program during the second semester of their freshman year by submitting a copy of their first semester grades and a statement of interest by the Tuesday after Presidents’ Day. A first-semester minimum GPA of 3.0 will be required to apply to the program but second-semester mid-term grades will also be considered in assessing an applicant’s academic potential. A statement of interest will be no more than two pages in which applicants will be asked to state their reasons for wanting inclusion in the program, their career goals, their research interests, and how this integrated program will be of greater benefit to them in contrast to being a biology or psychology major alone. Written materials will be used to determine finalists for whom interviews may be conducted by two members of the committee representing each department. Evaluation of written materials (and interview if applicable) will determine final inclusion into the program by consensus of the committee. There will not be any specific criteria for students’ continuation in the program other than their remaining in good standing within their respective departments and in the College.

On the last Friday of September, applications will also be accepted to the program for four additional openings to sophomore double-majors in biology and psychology. This may include unsuccessful freshman applicants or sophomore double-majors who become interested in the program through their coursework. Materials to be submitted will include freshman grades, sophomore fall courses, and a 1-2 page statement of interest as described earlier. Sophomore applicants, as with freshman applicants, will be chosen by members of the biology and psychology departments.

A Certificate in Neuroscience, for those accepted into the program, will be granted to biology and psychology majors upon successful completion of the following courses:

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